Online service to aid regulatory compliance and manage calibration schedules

EOS Advisor is a unique, online solution for managing calibration and accreditation information and is the future for managing a plant’s regulatory status. Calibration status of all your plant’s equipment can be checked using a simple, intuitive web interface. Information such as calibration certificates can be quickly retrieved as and when required by authorised users. It enables you to easily maximise plant availability and ensure compliance with regulatory standards such as Nadcap, AMS2750 and CQI-9.


  • Clear views of the calibration and accreditation status of plants and equipment enable you to efficiently manage service event scheduling with production schedules
  • Add efficiency to your operation by managing accreditation and calibration information online and all in one place
  • Ensure audits run smoothly with quick and easy access to necessary certification (TUS, SAT, NCR and Calibration)
  • Peace of mind with secure information storage and controlled access
  • Ensure compliance is maintained via online dashboards and email notifications


  • Clear and instant visualisation of calibration/ TUS/SAT schedule and compliance status for multiple sites with quick drill downs from site through plant area to instrument level
  • Easy view of approved equipment availability for production teams with a plan of future, potentially disruptive, calibration events


  • Optimise plant operation and productivity with easier service event scheduling using the status dashboard
  • Optimise operational efficiency with online documentation approval via secure, controlled access
  • Save your time and add convenience to your operation with secure access to information from any web access point

EOS Advisor is a powerful tool designed for the process industry. It removes the need to store paper documentation, improves operational efficiencies and facilitates better workflow. It provides an easy overview of the accreditation status of multiple sites and details where production scheduling issues may arise. It enables you to optimise production scheduling, efficiently manage service events and maximise plant availability and productivity.

See your accreditation status at a glance

​To guarantee a process is operating as it should, plant equipment needs to be calibrated and accredited to the appropriate standards. Managing the status of this information can be a complex task and any lapse can result in loss of productivity for a plant.

In the Aerospace and Automotive industries Eurotherm provides services to help meet the requirements of standards such as AMS2750, TS16949 and the heat treatment assessment CQI-9. It provides regional on-site services for instrument calibration, Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) and System Accuracy Tests (SAT) to national accredited standards.

EOS Advisor manages all calibration, TUS and SAT information across multiple sites, making it available at your fingertips for easy visualisation and analysis. Using the secure EOS data centre, it ensures current and historical information is held safely and provides a more efficient way of managing it. The EOS portal shows a live view of equipment and instruments whose accreditation is due to expire and any planned events to address this.

A ‘traffic light’ view gives the status of a site. Should there be any warning that either accreditation or calibration status has or is about to lapse, the user can quickly drill down to plant area, equipment and individual instruments to see where the issue lies and establish whether production schedules are threatened. This enables service event scheduling to be easily planned around production schedules and ensures plant availability is optimised. To reduce the possibility of anything being overlooked, EOS Advisor uses an email notification service to advise when accreditation events are due.

This unique system not only highlights any forthcoming lapses in accreditation but also provides quick access to documentation during an audit. Furthermore, all accreditation documentation can be approved by assigned approvers via the portal with an email notification system sending reminders when workflow items are due or overdue.

The accreditation history of all equipment and instruments is stored and can be kept for over 20 years to meet the needs of industry regulations. All information will be kept safe and secure while being easily accessible when and where you need it. Our ISO27001 accredited EOS data centre is there for complete peace of mind.

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