Materials Processing

Get the most from your process Composites,Plating,Tube Glass,Primary metals processing,Heat treatment

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Whatever your challenges let us help you get the most from your industrial process

I need to demonstrate continuous quality improvements

Advanced setpoint profile control

PID autotune for optimised heating/cooling rates

Overshoot inhibition (cutback)

Guaranteed soak

Specific cooling algorithms

Automatic alarm strategies and reports

Glass Process

I fear calibration errors on my older instruments

Protect your business from the risk of aging controls with different levels of modernisation to best suit your needs. We can:

Replace an old instrument with reliable, modern technology

Upgrade at a pace that suits your budget

Help redesign the entire system for your needs today and into the future

Glass Process

Increasing energy costs are damaging profitability

Use load shedding techniques to avoid peak demand energy tariff penalties

Lower energy costs through reduced harmonics and improved power factors with efficient management of multi-tap single phase transformers

Meter energy to cost, benchmark and improve

Glass Process

I need to maximise my furnace utilisation

Our expert service teams can help you meet regulations, improve efficiency and maximise plant availability

Online services designed for efficient management of calibration events and documentation

Equipment and services for Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS) and System Accuracy Tests (SAT) to nationally accredited standards

Glass Process

I struggle to keep pace with increasing regulation

Secure Audit Trail functionality that exceeds current AMS2750 or CQI-9 requirement

Data storage redundancy to ensure all records are available

Easy batch search that saves you time

Glass Process


Top 10 tips to improve efficiency


Understanding CQI9 Version 3


Understanding AMS2750E



Why Eurotherm?

Control of a small furnace through to plant wide automation, using technology that can grow with your plant

Global Service

Eurotherm help over 65% of Nadcap sites in Europe with their accreditation challenges

Industry Knowledege

years of experience with products developed specifically for your industry

Calibration Experts

Calibration services provided by a strong team of 94 engineers

What I love about heat treating is that it’s all about taking materials and components, sometimes ordinary sometimes extraordinary and making them perform at their best.

• Anodising • Batch and Continuous Carburising • Blast Furnace and Stoves •
• Continuous Annealing and Galvanising Lines • Demand Load Management • Nitriding •
• Plating • Single and Multi-Stack Batch Annealing • Sinter Plant • Soaking Pits •
• Solution and Age Steelmaking /Bos Plant • Vacuum Furnaces • Composite Ovens •
• Autoclave Curing • Environmental Monitoring Systems •

A full range of solutions from discrete temperature and power control to full plant automation and power distribution systems – all designed to help you get the most from your industrial process

Materials Processing Reference Table

Product / APPLICATION Temperature and Process Controllers Graphic Recorders Recorder / Controllers Scalable Data Recorder Power Controllers Compact SCR Power Controllers Wonderware Software
AMS2750E tick tick tick tick N/A N/A tick
CQI-9 tick tick tick tick N/A N/A tick
ATMOSPHERE FURNACES tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
VACUUM FURNACES tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
OVENS tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
COMPOSITE PROCESSING tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
PRIMARY PROCESSING tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
PLATING TANKS tick tick tick tick N/A N/A tick

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We understand Materials Processing

Eurotherm have been providing engineered solutions for the Heat Treatment industry for more than 40 years.

Applications for Heat Treatment

Eurotherm’s heat treatment control systems are designed to provide the best value for many heat treatment applications by reducing plant downtime and maintenance costs.