Gas Carburising Furnace Control Solutions

Sealed quench furnaces, continuous carburising furnaces and pit furnaces provide three of the most popular methods for treating low carbon and alloy steels to improve the surface hardness and surface durability of steel-alloy components. 

A group of processes are carried out, each of which brings specific benefits to the finished part.

Why Eurotherm?

  • Eurotherm provides the building blocks to create and build a high performance furnace control solution including:
  • T2550 Progammable Automation Controller (PAC) with distributed I/O
  • EyconTM Visual Supervisor providing a touch screen HMI with strategy engine
  • Eurotherm world renowned control algorithms for atmosphere, temperature and quench control.
  • Advanced carburizing atmosphere control strategies using 3 Gas IR spectropscopy and on-line carbon diffusion control.
  • Off-line simulation package (Carbon Calculator) to enable optimal programming
  • Advanced nitriding atmosphere control strategies to control Kn and %NH 3

A Eurotherm gas carburising furnace control solution delivers the user:

  • Accurate temperature and carbon setpoint control
  • Asynchronous control of heating and  quenching cycles
  • Carbon diffusion control
  • Tamperproof data archiving
  • Furnace diagnostics and maintenance
  • Gas sequence and mass flow control
  • Power control and energy management
  • Alarm visualization and strategy
  • Touch screen HMI panel with furnace mimics

Eurotherm delivers furnace control solutions for continuous and batch gas carburising furnaces to meet stringent regulatory demands including AMS2750 Revision E and TS16949.  

Find out more about gas carburising process, control systems and discrete & integrated gas carburising control solutions.

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